Jo O’Brien, Jenny Owen & Lyndsey Abercromby (14.05.12)

Many thanks to Jo O’Brien (Business Manager), Jenny Owen (Senior Commissioning Manager) and Lyndsey Abercromby (Senior Commissioning Manager) from the Halton CCG who took the time to answer the following questions set by Laura:

Can you tell us a little bit about your role?

Our role is designed to support Halton Clinical Commissioning Group board and member practices to commission health care services across the borough of Halton. We will play an active role in improving and extending the quality of local health care, working in partnership with Halton Local Authority to deliver robust care pathways and redesign services to meet the needs of the local population. Part of our role will be to engage and influence local primary care services and support them to meet the challenges ahead and engage the local community to ensure services reflect local need. As a team we have individual projects and specialities that we lead on, which are based on local priorities that need to be delivered in year.

How does your role fit into the wider structure of clinical commissioning?

Through integrated models of care and in some cases shared budgets we will work with partners to deliver population based priorities. Priorities will reflect the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and will be agreed by the local Health and Wellbeing Board.

How do you see your role in relation to working with the voluntary sector?

The voluntary sector plays a vital role in the current and future health economy, our role will be to support and develop a robust provider landscape that will/ can respond to local priorities and engage with the local community.

From your point of view, where do you see the voluntary sector fitting in with the new health frameworks?

The voluntary sector has an increasingly important role to play in the emerging health economy. The voluntary sector plays an important role in providing a variety of local labour and skills, as well as being in touch with the local community views and experiences of services. The CCG have identified an exciting initiative; Well-being Practices using the GP practice as focal point in the community it will build on supporting patients through a number of services which compliment clinical care and will require the support and involvement of various voluntary organisations.

What does the voluntary sector need to do to be ready to be commissioned to provide services?

Locally the voluntary sector has developed a robust directory of services and training has been developed and rolled out regarding tendering for services and developing performance management frameworks. From a commissioning perspective the voluntary sector needs to look to the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, which will influence future commissioning decisions.

What questiosn would you like us to ask Jo, Jenny & Lyndsey (on behalf of your organisations) when we next catch up?

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