Halton CCG Meet & Greet Event – 13.04.13


I recently had the pleasure of being involved with Halton CCG’s Meet & Greet event.

I would say this (as I was heavily involved in the planning and delivery of the event) but I thought it was a success. A brave attempt from the CCG to engage with local people in an environment, comfortable for speakers & attendees, which facilitated an open & honest exchange of views.

I know many people in our Sector are extremely cynical about such engagement events and was told on the afternoon about “time wasting box ticking exercises”. To the minority that did feel that way, I wish you’d had the chance (as I did) to hear Dr Cliff Richard (Chair of the CCG) delivering a quick pep talk to the other speakers before the event began. He was adamant that engagement had to be genuine and stressed that they would keep trying different systems or methods until they “get it right”.

Before the sessions kicked off, I got the chance to sit down with the 6 speakers at the Halton CCG’s Meet & Greet event. I took the opportunity to find out what key messages they were going to be delivering that afternoon.

Were you at the event? Did you think it was a step in the right direction for the CCG? If not, please feel free to suggest alternative methods of engagement that you believe would work better.

Many thanks,

Matthew Roberts

Des Chow – Halton CCG (03.05.13)

Des Chow, the Engagement & Involvement Manager at Halton CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) popped into our offices at Halton & St Helens VCA to make an impassioned plea for local voluntary sector organisations to get in touch with him. Don’t miss the chance to have your say with the CCG.

Please contact Des to let him know which issues are important to your organisation.

You can contact Des by phone on (01928) 593578 or by e-mail on Des.Chow@haltonccg.nhs.uk.

Many thanks to Des for taking the time to pop and say hello.

Matthew Roberts