VCA Radio Show Podcast – Episode 40 (11th December 2014)

Eddie CMatthew Roberts presented with Leigh Allen in the Producer’s chair. They were joined in the studio by Eddie Cunningham, who was our Leigh & ChrisCastaway for Spike Island Discs. We also chatted with Cllr Richard McCauley (St Helens MBC) about Pedal St Helens and Jane Williams (HSHVCA Community Accountant) about the Autumn Statement and its impact on our sector. Chris Carlin also joined us in the studio to present Health e’ Radio.

If you’d like to contact any of the organisations represented on the show:

– Pedal St Helens:
– Jane Williams
– Chris Carlin
– Eddie Cunningham on Twitter @cunners4

If you’d like to appear on a future episode, contact

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