NHS Halton CCG Radio Show Podcast – January 2015

Matthew Roberts2 Dave Sweeney“A family bar of Fruit & Nut and a full box of Sports Mix”.

Dave Sweeney and Matthew Roberts presented the show which was about; “New Year, New You”, flu shots, the new GP Strategy and how the CCG engages with local people.

Dave and Matthew were joined in the studio by Anna Kaufman & Angela Beesley (Health Improvement Team), Sarah Johnson-Griffiths (Public Health Team), Rob Foster (NHS Halton CCG) and Dave Austin & Des Chow (CCG Lay Member and Halton People’s Health Forum).

To listen to the show, press play below:

photo 1

Dave chats with Dave Austin (CCG Lay Member)

photo 2

Des Chow joins Dave & Dave in the studio.

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