NHS Halton CCG Radio Show Podcast – March 2015

Simon Banks4 Dave Sweeney“Wrong Side of 40 White Sock Extravaganza”

The topics for this months show were Care at the Chemist, Diabetes and Cancer Screening.

Simon Banks and Dave Sweeney presented the show and were in conversation with Lucy Reid (Head of Medicines Management, NHS Halton CCG), Trish Noble and Nicki Hooton (Diabetes Nurse Educators), Elspeth Anwar (Public Health) and Rob Foster & Leigh Thompson (NHS Halton CCG). Hannah Cruikshanks, Phillipa Rowley (NHS Halton CCG) and Matthew Roberts (Halton & St Helens VCA) produced the show.

CCG March 2

The Don Quixote of white socks

CCG March 1

Lucy Reid chats with Simon and Dave

CCG March 3

Trish Noble and Nicki Hooton

CCG March 4

Leigh, Rob and Dave look on as Simon pushes buttons

CCG March 5

Regular contributor Elspeth Anwar returns to the show

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