NHS Halton CCG Radio Show Podcast – 24th September 2015

Simon Banks4Dave Sweeney“The best since Springsteen”

Simon Banks and Dave Sweeney presented this month’s NHS Halton CCG Radio Show with Matthew Roberts in the Producer’s chair.

The show was about Mental Health, Partnerships & our AGM and featured interviews with Cheryl Rose (Halton Borough Council) and Richard Munson (Widnes Vikings).

The AGM report included interviews with Irene Bramwell (Healthwatch Halton), Chris Carlin (Halton & St Helens VCA), Paul Coates (Weaver Arts Group), Jeni McConnell (local artist) and Jan Snoddon, Paul Brickwodd, Shahzad Tahir, Ingrid Fife & Leigh Thompson (NHS Halton CCG).

To listen to the show, click on the play button below.

CCG Show 1

Cheryl Rose talks to Dave and Simon about mental health.

CCG show 2

Richard Munson from the Widnes Vikings joins Simon and Dave in the studio

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