NHS Halton CCG Radio Show Podcast – 26th November 2015

Simon Banks4Dave Sweeney“Are you going to be one of these ladies who has loads of cats?”

Simon Banks and Dave Sweeney presented this month’s NHS Halton CCG Radio Show.

The show was about Mental Health, Pharmacy Promotion and Stay Well this Winter.

Guests included Dr Sandeep Ranote, Grace O’Mally (SHAP), Lucy Reid (NHS Halton CCG) and Barbara Furnival (Warrington & Halton Hospitals).

To listen to the show, click on the play button below.

CCg show 1

Dr Sandeep Ranote talks to Dave & Simon

CCG show 2

Lucy Reid is interviewed by Dave

CCG show 3

“It was this high!” Dave impresses Barbara Furnival

CCG Simon Coats

Simon’s choice of Christmas Coats


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