NHS Halton CCG Radio Show Podcast – 28th July 2016

Dave Sweeney
“Schrödinger’s Baby. Is he in the box? We’ll find out after this record…”

Dave Sweeney and Matthew Roberts presented this month’s NHS Halton CCG Radio Show, with regular host Simon Banks away in Leeds.

Joining the team on the air were John Hughes & Paul Caslin (from Community Integrated Care), Catherine McClennan (from NHS England – Maternity Services) amd Adam Daniels (from Widnes Vikings).

Dave & Matt discussed songs which improve their wellbeing, Tim Booth’s gilet and the birth of Matt’s Father-in-law.

To listen to the show, click on the play button below.

PODCAST EXTRA: Dave & Matt preview their show with the great Andy Wrob (warning – includes Matt singing)


Paul & John from Community Integrated Care (and Dave)


Emma, Cath and Dave with The Baby Box


Adam from Widnes Vikings chats with Dave

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