NHS Halton CCG Radio Show Podcast – 29th November 2018

“He’d even licked the gravy off the brussel sprouts…. ”

Matthew Roberts presented this month’s NHS Halton CCG Radio Show with Rob Foster in the Producer’s Chair.

Our first guests were Keeley McClennan & Victoria Walsh (09.30) who talked inspirationally about Maternity Voices Partnerships. Then we chatted on the phone with Brian & Liz Byrne from Years Ahead (28.50). They told us about the activities they deliver and how listeners could get involved. Matthew provided a pre-recorded report on his Health Check (53.45) provided by Pam Moss from HBC’s Health Improvement Team. Lastly, Rob Foster (01.21.30) explained a new project, R Health, which will try to improve GP services across Runcorn.

The team also discussed imaginary sausage dogs, Rob’s childhood pet dogs, the glory of brussel sprouts and Matthew told his favourite Charles Dickens joke.

To listen to the show, click on the play button below.

18 11 29 Keeley Victoria Rob

Keeley, Victoria & Producer Rob

18 11 29 Pam

Pam Moss performs a Health Check on Matthew