One Halton Health Show Podcast – 30th May 2019

“You’d make a great Tin Man….”

Adam Britton from Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust was the Guest Host for this month’s One Halton Health Show on Halton Community Radio with Matthew Roberts (Halton & St Helens VCA) in the Producer’s Chair.

Our first guest (representing Well Halton) was Zoe McEvoy from Halton Borough Council’s Health Improvement Team. Zoe talked about Loneliness Awareness Week. We were then joined in the studio by Jaymie Armitage & Kate Dutton from North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, who talked about their Later Life & Memory Services. Jenny Perkins & Denise Winstanley (from Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust) came in to chat about the Halton Bladder & Bowel Service. Finally, Claire Jones (from Halton & St Helens VCA) joined us to promote Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s Volunteer Programme.

The track “Blinded” by The Quicks is included in the podcast with the permission of the band.

To listen to the show, click on the play button below.

19 05 Zoe

Zoe McEvoy from HBC’s Health Improvement Team

19 05 Jaymie Kate

Kate & Jaymie from NW Boroughs

19 05 Denise Jenny

Denise & Jenny from Bridgewater

19 05 Claire

Claire from WHH Volunteers

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