One Halton Health Show Podcast – 30th January 2020

“Eugene is lost…”

Eugene Lavan from Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust was the guest host for this month’s One Halton Health Show on Halton Community Radio with Matthew Roberts (from Halton & St Helens VCA) in the Producer’s Chair.

Our first guests were Jane Marshall & Angie Alderton from the Halton Wellbing Team at Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Then we were joined by Carl Harris from Halton Carer’s Centre who spoke about National Young Carers Awareness Day.
Sheridan Coker from North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust chatted with us about her work as an Admiral Nurse. Finally, Chris Carlin from Well Halton joined us to talk about Community Shop in Runcorn and the upcoming Halton Make Fest.

For listeners who enjoy hearing the team covering old ground, Matt told his story about Dave Sweeney & Rick Astley and Chris reminisced about he & Matt’s failed rap career. Matt also sang which provided a worrying insight into the suffering his two children endured as babies.

To listen to the show, click on the play button below.

Eugene Jane Angie

Angie, Jane & Eugene (Bridgewater)

Eugene Carl

Carl Harris (Halton Carers’ Centre) & Eugene

Eugene Sheridan

Sheridan Coker (NW Boroughs) & Eugene

Eugene Chris

Chris Carlin (Well Halton) & Eugene


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