Sue Ellison Tribute Show

Ten Thousand Small Acts of Kindness

On Tuesday 11th May, Halton Community Radio & other VCFSE organisations in Halton & St Helens paid tribute to the wonderful, Sue Ellison (who sadly passed away in February 2021).

The show was hosted by Matthew Roberts (Halton & St Helens VCA) & John Pagan (Halton Community Radio and featured interviews with John Brownbill (Centre 8 Theatre Group), Louise Nulty (The Studio), Sue Gerrard (The Len Saunders Writing Room), Joy Garrigan-Hindley, Dave Wilson (Healthwatch Halton), Rob Littler (Victoria Music Ltd) and Ian Knowles (Centre 8 Theatre Group). Other written and pre-recorded tributes were sent in from Sue’s friends, family & colleagues.

You can hear the show by clicking on the Play button below.

2 thoughts on “Sue Ellison Tribute Show

  1. A wonderful tribute which I missed when it was first recorded. I first met Sue at Centre 8 about 48 years ago when I moved to Runcorn. We were both volunteers at Heathwatch. It is amazing how many lives she touched in a positive way.


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